Ski Oakenfull

Back in April 2020 at the start of the UK lockdown, Bluey called me and asked me if I'd like to play keyboards on some instrumentals that he'd been working on. At the time I had no idea what particular project these were for, but I knew they sounded great, so I jumped at the chance. Over the course of a month, I started experimenting with synths and ended up playing and writing on four tracks, three of which found their way onto what later became 'Aspects' by Str4ta.
The tracks I played on were 'Steppers Crusade', 'After the Rain', and 'Kinshasa FC'
In case you missed it, I recently did a live stream on Twitch where I opened up a couple of the Ableton Live projects and talked through the keyboard parts. You can watch it back here.

Release Date: 
26 March, 2021
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Steppers Crusade (Preview edit)