I'll be down at the this Thursday presenting a live deconstruction for . If you're th… days 7 hours ago
Ugh - better than what? — 6 days 19 hours ago
Have enjoyed looking regularly at ’s outboard on breakfast tv over the last 18 months 🤓 week 7 hours ago
I just made my shin bleed by scraping it on an open tray of my recorder week 2 days ago
Wow this is exciting! weeks 4 days ago
I massively lucked out - I grew up in a small village in Kent, but my friend's dad worked for… weeks 4 days ago
They even offered me a job at the end, but I had to go back to school to take my A-levels! Am… weeks 4 days ago
I can't remember if I mentioned it in my stream, but I actually did work experience for 2 wee… weeks 4 days ago
Fantastic... although wish I'd read this before I tried to deconstruct it 😂 weeks 4 days ago
Amazing 🤩 — 2 weeks 4 days ago
First stage of a trip to - this place reminds me of station coffee shops weeks 1 day ago
Damien has the amazing ability to present additional beauty in the songs he covers. Always great transcriptions and… weeks 2 days ago
RT : weeks 2 days ago
RT : R.I.P. Lee “Scratch” Perry, March 20, 1936 – August 29, 2021. Here he is recording The Upsetters and Junior Murvin… weeks 2 days ago
RT : Ross From Friends will release his new album “Tread” on 22 Oct and is going on tour in UK and Europe. Watch the vid… weeks 6 days ago
Ah sorry just followed the thread 🤓 — 4 weeks 1 hour ago
Isn’t there a demo of the Korg Triton VST? — 4 weeks 1 hour ago
Listen and watch from the don month 2 days ago
The Penzance studio 🤓 month 6 days ago
holiday day 1.. back to .isaac for a delicious lunch at and some amazing crab 🦀 ❤️ @ Po… month 6 days ago