One of the first records I bought which used the from the early 90’s 1 week 6 days ago
Fingers crossed! — 2 weeks 12 hours ago
Tbh it was relatively mild, and I’m having amazing sleeps! But I’m meant to be going camping on Friday, and… weeks 14 hours ago
Welcome to the club 🙁 day 5 for me and still feeling rubbish — 2 weeks 14 hours ago
Essential episode with on 🙏❤️🎹 — 2 weeks 16 hours ago
I’m so happy you’re working on a new album - can’t wait 😍 weeks 17 hours ago
Day 3 and the LFT is not leaving anything to the imagination … can it get any thicker?? ☹️ weeks 2 days ago
And 😀 weeks 3 days ago
Yes, I was right!! That is making a cameo appearance as the record shop owner in 's… weeks 3 days ago
Just rewatched this gem of a film' Week-End à Tokyo with a lovely soundtrack by… weeks 3 days ago
I am struggling with COVID & Hayfever so not sure what to complain about more 😂😷 all I know is that I c… weeks 3 days ago
Oh, I've just typed the word 'exisiting' for the millionth time ☹️ — 3 weeks 7 hours ago
'Aichi Expo' from the 2011 Ayota 'Sonen EP' featuring weeks 2 days ago
RT : This is my new favourite thing weeks 2 days ago
I didn’t think this would make me as happy as it did as the first thing I read on a Sunday morning 🤓 weeks 2 days ago
wow this is an amazing mix from 2021 on from ... and there was a new one today as well 🥳… weeks 4 days ago
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Can do a 'Draw a line' drawing please? — 4 weeks 11 hours ago
RT : Message to Tory MPs. This is who you're voting on. weeks 1 day ago
Reminder to students and parents, the firming deadline is this week - Thursday 9th June! 4 weeks 1 day ago