Ski Oakenfull

Ski Selection Vinyls Radio Nova 11 September 2000

This show was recorded on 29th December 2019

Here's the playlist:

"What a challenge to try to define my musical 'DNA' through a two hour selection of tracks! Still, it is a great honour to have been asked, and I have found it to be a very satisfying experience. I hope that the playlist works as an enjoyable listen as well as marking crucial points in the evolution of my musical appreciation. The hardest thing was knowing where to start and choosing what to miss out. I could have included artists such as Howard Jones, Depeche Mode & Tears for Fears who I loved as a teenager for example, but instead I tried to focus on tracks that had the biggest impact on me when I first discovered them and have subsequently become musical reference points for my own compositions.

Bring it on (Ski Oakenfull Remix)
Roberta Gentile
Release Date: 
1 March, 2019
Record Label: 
Splash Blue
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Bring it on (Ski Oakenfull Remix)
Ryuichi Sakamoto with Gilles Peterson // 17-01-19

I was very honoured to be asked to select three Sakamoto tracks for this show and also talk a little bit about them. It was broadcast in 17th January 2019 to celebrate Ryuichi's 67th birthday.

DJ Mag August 2018

I was interviewed by DJ Mag earlier this year, and was really chuffed to see the article appear in the August issue. I discussed my deconstructions for Point Blank Music school, and how they have evolved over the last six years. I'm attaching a photo of the piece below which you can download.