Alongside the 6-part series of tutorial videos about Ableton Live 11 Lite I made for the Feb '22 issue of Computer Music Magazine, I also did an interview. The one that was published was quite radically cut down, so here's the interview in full:

Can you give me a biog about yourself, how and why you got into music production?

Ayota Interview for Nick Luscombe's Flomotion

This is an interview I did recently with Nick Luscombe for his Flomotion radio site, talking about my Ayota project. (

You can find out more about Ayota here:

Ski Oakenfull Interview for Vibe 101 FM Deli-G

This is a phone interview I did with DJ Deli-G for his show on Vibe 101 FM called 'The Touch' on 31 July 2005.

As part of an album showcase, he featured tracks from my 'Rising Son' LP.

Ayota Interview for Resonance FM Tom Chivers

This is an interview I did with Tom Chivers for his 'Penned In The Margins' Poetry show on Resonance FM.

It took place on 20th August 2006. It features 2 tracks from the 'Helicopter Cuts' album released on Third Ear Japan.

Ski Oakenfull Interview for Kiss FM Tom Middleton

This is an interview I did with Tom Middleton for his Kiss FM show on 23rd June 2001 whilst promoting my 'Life Changes' album.

Ski Oakenfull Interview for XFM John Kennedy

This is an interview that I did for John Kennedy's One Night Stand show on XFM, date: 17 May 2001.

It was around the time I was promoting my 'Life Changes' album. There was also a DJ mix to accompany the interview which is also available on mixcloud.