Welcome to the official Ski Oakenfull Website.
Ski is an Artist, Keyboard player, Producer, Remixer and Composer living in London. Having started his career with The K-Creative who were signed to Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud label in 1991, he went on to release two solo albums, Life Changes & Rising Son, play keyboards with bands such as Galliano, Raw Stylus & Two Banks of Four, remix over 50 tracks, and work at Xenomania. He currently releases music on his own label, Primaudial Records, plays live with The Bays, writes & produces with artists such as Incognito, Joey Negro, Valerie Etienne. He has an Ambient Electronic project called Ayota, and also does a bit of DJing in his spare time. Alongside his production work, Ski holds the position of Head of Education & Development at Point Blank Music School where he writes courses in electronic music for their BA (Hons) degree programmes. He has also made over a hundred videos for the school’s YouTube channel which have racked up over six million views.. Please have a look around this site, and feel free to leave a message.

Calvin Harris - 'Slide' ft. Frank Ocean & Migos Deconstruction (FFL!)

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Here's my latest deconstruction of Calvin Harris' summer anthem 'Slide' ft. Frank Ocean and Migos.
It was inspired by Calvin's 'How I made Slide video which you can check here:
I enjoyed checking out his studio which included some great synths such as the Jupiter 8, Prophet 5 and PPG Wave.
I recreated some of these sounds using the Arturia plugins. You can download the presets here:

Maze feat. Frankie Beverly - 'Twilight' Deconstruction feat. Arturia DX7v Plugin (FFL!)

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Here's my deconstruction the classic RnB track 'Twilight' by Maze. Originally released in 1985, to a relatively modest reception, the track was a torchbearer for the loops and bassline style that would go on to define house music.
It's also a love letter to one of my all time favourite synths the Yamaha DX7, and a chance to look at the fantastic Arturia DX7v plugin.

Ableton Live Deconstruction: 808 State - Pacific 707 at SARM Music Village

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This was filmed last November at SARM Music Village, just after Trevor Horn deconstructed Relax!

Making a Track in Ableton Live 10: First Look + New Features

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I was really lucky to get my hands on Ableton Live 10 a few weeks ahead of the announcement on 2nd Nov 2017. I'm loving the new features, especially the new clip manipulation features in the Arrangement view.
Wavetable synth is gorgeous too!

WhoSampled Presents Samplethon Competition at PB London with KPM & Ableton

Samplethon is a first-of-its-kind event format giving up-and-coming producers access to rare and sought after sample material from a leading music library to produce exciting new music under the guidance of world class producers. The next Samplethon event takes place on Sunday October 15th 2017 at London’s Point Blank Studios with support from Ableton. 20 producers will be given exclusive access to pre-cleared original sample material from the world renowned KPM catalogue, an EMI Production Music label. The challenge: to produce a new track using the provided sample material against the clock, with the supervision and assistance of our team of esteemed mentors. This event will create a rare opportunity to sample from these highly regarded recordings performed by world class musicians, free from the legal shackles often associated with sampling.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what to expect on the day, which will be mentored and judged by a highly experienced panel including Shawn Lee (Ubiquity), Chris Read (BBE / WhoSampled), Ollie Teeba (Ninja Tune) and Point Blank’s Ski Oakenfull.

Sunday, October 15, 2017
WhoSampled Presents Samplethon Competition at PB London with KPM & Ableton

Ski Oakenfull Radio Show #8 with Tomokazu Hayashi - YMO Special Vol. 5 - Ryuichi Sakamoto

12 September, 2017

This show was recorded on the 2nd May 2017 with my good friend Tomo, and completes my current YMO radio series, focusing on one of my heroes, Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Look out for Tomo's forthcoming YMO article in 'The Wire' magazine - more details to follow!
Artwork by Tomo

The show is divided into five different sections:

1. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives (1978)
2. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Tong Poo (1979)
3. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Technopolis (1979)
4. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Nice Age (1980)
5. Ryuichi Sakamoto - War Head (1980)

6. Yukihiro Takahashi - Elastic Dummy (1978)
7. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Kakutougi Session - You’re Friend to Me (1979)
8. Ryuichi Sakamoto & the Kakutougi Session - Neuronian Network (1979)

9. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Differencia (1980)
10. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Riot in Lagos (1980)
11. Yellow Magic Orchestra - 1000 Knives (1981)
12. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Front Line (1981)

13. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Seoul Music (1981)
14. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Taiso (1981)
15. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Relâche (1981)
16. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Tell’em To Me (1981)

17. Yukihiro Takahashi - Flashback (1982)
18. David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours (1982)
19. David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bamboo Music (1982)
20. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott - The Arrangement (1982)
21. Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Arrangement (2017)
22. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind the Mask (1979)
23. Michael Jackson - Behind the Mask (2010)
24. Eric Clapton - Behind the Mask (1986)

Deconstruction: DJ Shadow - Mutual Slump @ Sonar +D, Barcelona

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I was so happy to be invited back to Sonar this year to do a presentation. In honour of DJ Shadow who was one of the headliners, I chose to deconstruct 'Mutual Slump' from his classic album 'Endtroducing'.

I'd like to give a massive shout out to one of my favourite podcasts, Song Exploder for providing the inspiration for this deconstruction.

Ableton Live Deconstruction: Jamiroquai - Automaton at IMS College Malta

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I really enjoyed heading out to Malta again this summer for IMS where I presented this deconstruction of Jamiroquai's 'Automaton'.

LIFE Exhibition

I've been commissioned by Nick Luscombe (Radio 3 Late Junction) to write a 20 minute piece for a photographic exhibition at Christie's, London taking place between the 11th - 14th September 2017. The event is for the charity Maggie's.

The piece actually comprises of four separate compositions, one for each room of the gallery, and it will be delivered in surround sound courtesy of Steve Hellier (Death in Vegas). I'm also collaborating with violinist Midori Komachi.

You can listen to a quick preview of the music here

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
LIFE Exhibition

Ableton Loop 2017

I'll be doing two presentations at Ableton's Loop event in Berlin in November.
The first one on Friday 10th November will be a deconstruction of Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack:
Details here:
The second presentation on Saturday 11th November will be a walkthrough of the music I was recently commissioned to write for the Life Exhibition at Christies
Details here:

Here's the blurb from the Loop website:

Ski is an accomplished keyboard player, artist, producer, remixer and composer whose work credits include Joey Negro, Incognito, Gilles Peterson, Galliano and the Bays.
As a result, Ski brings a high level of musicianship, technical ability and music industry experience to his role heading up course development at award-winning Point Blank Music School, where his stellar work includes developing the BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering degree which is taught in the London and online schools. 

Whilst developing the groundbreaking Electronic Music Composition online module, Ski patented a unique ‘Deconstruction’ teaching method, a fascinating way of breaking down great classic and current tracks into their constituent parts to show how the beats, melodies and arrangement were put together. This method provides a uniquely soft approach to learning important elements of music theory and has proved highly popular with Point Blank’s aspiring producer/composers, and Ski has since taken the format to industry events worldwide including Sonar, ADE and IMS Ibiza, giving insights into hundreds of tracks for students to enjoy and learn from.

Friday, November 10, 2017
Ableton Loop 2017