Welcome to the official Ski Oakenfull Website.
Ski is an Artist, Keyboard player, Producer, Remixer and Composer living in London. Having started his career with The K-Creative who were signed to Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud label in 1991, he went on to release two solo albums, Life Changes & Rising Son, play keyboards with bands such as Galliano, Raw Stylus & Two Banks of Four, remix over 50 tracks, and work at Xenomania. He currently releases music on his own label, Primaudial Records, plays live with The Bays, writes & produces with artists such as Incognito, Joey Negro, Valerie Etienne. He has an Ambient Electronic project called Ayota, and also does a bit of DJing in his spare time. Alongside his production work, Ski holds the position of Head of Education at Point Blank Music School where he writes courses in electronic music for their BA (Hons) degree programmes. He has also made over a hundred videos for the school’s YouTube channel which have racked up over six million views.. Please have a look around this site, and feel free to leave a message.

Caribou - Can't Do Without You Deconstruction in Ableton Live

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After a brief summer break, Friday Forum is back with another deconstruction from PB's very own half-man half-keyboard and Electronic Music Composition (EMC) course. This time, we're tackling one of the songs of the summer - Caribou's Can't Do Without You.
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or the Ableton Diploma ::

Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death Deconstruction in Ableton Live (Live at Meltdown Festival)

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EMC course tutor Ski Oakenfull deconstructs Rob Dougan's classic Clubbed to Death in front of the Southbank Centre crowd during James Lavelle's Meltdown Festival.
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Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite Deconstruction (Part 2)

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In part 2 of this deconstruction, EMC course developer Ski Oakenfull looks at how the bass line and synth sounds were made using Ableton Live 9's Analog synth.
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Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite Deconstruction (Part 1)

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In part 1 of this deconstruction, EMC course developer Ski Oakenfull breaks down Todd Terje's cosmic classic Delorean Dynamite and shows some Ableton Live sequencing tricks.
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How to Sing: Pharrell Williams - Happy

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Course tutors Ski Oakenfull and Phil Ramacon explain how to sing the harmonies in Pharrell's Happy.

Logic Pro 1: Production - Course Preview

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Apple's announcement of the Logic X upgrade last last year took everyone by surprise but was widely welcomed.
As well as many brand new features, it had a new look and rewrite of terminology and key commands.
Ski's job has been to manage the update of Point Blank Online School's flagship Logic course from 9 to X, which meant updating all terms, screenshots and the majority of videos.
The course launched last October and you can sign up for it here:
Ski is currently putting the finishing touches to Logic Pro 2: Advanced Production which launches in February. You can check it out here:

Making music with an iPad

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In his latest video Ski introduces you to iPad music-making using Garageband 2.0 and an iPad Mini

The Return of Galliano at House of St. Barnabas

Some pictures from the Galliano gig at the House of St. Barnabas on Tuesday 3rd December 2013
Read a great article here:
And there are some more photos of the night here:

Galliano live at The Culture Series with Gilles Peterson

Tuesday 3rd December brings a night of music curated by Gilles Peterson, the founder of Worldwide Festival and Brownswood Recordings.
Our journey into music and discovery will come courtesy of Galliano, Gilles' very first signing to his Acid Jazz record label, who last performed in 1996, alongside the amazing Denai Moore, ahead of her UK tour, and the enigmatic Reginald Omas Mamode IV.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Galliano live at The Culture Series with Gilles Peterson

Bluey - Sky (Ski Oakenfull Remix)

Ski has recently remixed the second single from Bluey's solo album 'Leap of Faith' which was released on 25 October 2013 on Dôme Records
It's available on iTunes Stores here: