Logic Pro X - Using the Pedalboard

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Artist Name: 
Ski Oakenfull
Video Date: 
February, 2014
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Apple's announcement of the Logic X upgrade last last year took everyone by surprise but was widely welcomed.
As well as many brand new features, it had a new look and rewrite of terminology and key commands.
Ski's job has been to manage the update of Point Blank Online School's flagship Logic course from 9 to X, which meant updating all terms, screenshots and the majority of videos.
In a video from our Logic Pro 2: Advanced Production course, Ski takes a look at Logic's Pedalboard which is a very powerful effects unit on any source, not just guitar. Take the full sample course here :: http://ow.ly/ttzQj
The course launched last October and you can sign up for it here:
You can also check out the new Logic Pro 2: Advanced course here: