EMC² - Deconstructing Nuyorican Soul - Black Gold Of The Sun

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Artist Name: 
Ski Oakenfull
Video Date: 
February, 2013
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This is the third in a series of tutorials from Ski Oakenfull covering a variety of aspects of electronic music composition. Point Blank want you to get involved in this series, so if you can think of well known track for Ski to deconstruct musically in the next tutorial then hit us up on twitter with:
#emcrequest @point_blank + your suggested track title.

In this video Ski introduces the brand new EMC2 course. Using Ableton Live, Ski deconstructs an all-time classic, 'Black Gold Of The Sun' by Nuyorican Soul.

You can learn more techniques like this on Point Blank's online Electronic Music Composition course and the forthcoming EMC2 course, both of which have been developed by Ski himself. The courses show you how to develop the musical aspects of your tracks in an easy to understand way, without getting bogged down with too much scales and theory.