Ableton Push Challenge (Part 1)

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Artist Name: 
Ski Oakenfull
Video Date: 
April, 2013
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As Point Blank continue to not only push forward with their teaching techniques and approach to musical education, they're also pushing their own tutors to get the very best out of them and to show everyone just how talented they are. The latest endeavour we embarked on was an Ableton Push challenge featuring PB's Ski Oakenfull.

Having got to grips with Ableton's new Push device, we thought it would make for an entertaining session if we put his skills to the test and set him an interesting challenge… We asked Ski to create a vocal track from scratch within an hour, with no preparation and with vocalist he's never met before! Sounds tough eh?! But we knew Ski was more than capable of pulling it off, and here is the result!

The challenge was for him to jam with former Point Blank student Viv May, laying down an instrumental and recording the vocals which he will later use to make a complete track. The aim is simple; 1) To demonstrate the capabilities of Ableton's Push and 2) To show you how talented our tutors (and former students) are and 3) To create the parts that can be used to produce a legimate track.

You can find out more about the wonderful Viv May by following her here: