The most thing I’ve heard all night weeks 4 days ago
RT : Lead story on ⁦⁩ today. Members of our group express concerns about road closures by ⁦ weeks 4 days ago
at the modern today weeks 2 days ago
Fun with courtesy of the weeks 2 days ago
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Sadly PC only.. still love it though weeks 9 hours ago
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Just found my first generation in a box. Using a series of to thunderbolt2 to thunderbolt3 adapters… weeks 3 days ago
Favorited "New Ratio - Programme 4" by New Ratio - with Nick Luscombe — 11 weeks 4 days ago
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dance jokermovie 🤡 💚 👻 🎃 @ Stoke Newington Central, London weeks 5 days ago
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Daily office life weeks 6 days ago
outfit sorted for tomorrow 👻 🎃 @ Stoke Newington Central, London weeks 6 days ago
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The first day of yokoonoofficial’s beautiful book taking pride of place in our hallway . . . weeks 2 days ago