Larry Heard 'Can You Feel It' Pad Sound

Sound Date: 
10 December, 2012
Larry Heard 'Can You Feel It'
Skis_CanUFeelItPad.rar7.15 KB

This is an Ableton Rack that I created for an EMC Tutorial in which I deconstructed Mr. Fingers' classic track 'Can You Feel It'.

The core device is the Analog. You can view the tutorial below..

Deconstructing Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It - Ableton Tutorial - EMC (pt 8)

Hey Ski! really appreciate

Hey Ski! really appreciate you providing this. Still seem to be having problems since the reupload;
Get a 'the preset cannot be loaded. it is probably broken' error in the bottom left of screen if that helps

Please try it now

I have reuploaded it

Pad sound says it is broken


I tried to download the pad sound, but when loading it, it says it is broken :(