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Selected Ambient Works 91-98

'Ayota' is Ski Oakenfull's ambient/electronic alter-ego, and this collection of tracks is an exciting prequel to the forthcoming release in 2007 of 'Helicopter Cuts' on Third Ear Records. (Click here to find out more about this album). The tracks range from very early experiments ('Sun Salutations') to on-tour hotel room excursions ('Concorde 512') to Techno workouts ('Sonen'), and even some dental surgery sampling ('Haishya'). The album reflects the time in the 90's when Ski was gigging around the world armed with a Stereo Mic and a portable DAT recorder.. I hope you enjoy the trip..

Primaudial Records
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Price: £8.00
Friday, September 28, 2007
01 Centrair [mp3]
02 Haishya [mp3]
03 Redocov [mp3]
04 Static Travel [mp3]
05 Reebo [mp3]
06 Kokyu [mp3]
07 Mike Over The Bar [mp3]
08 Alkham Road [mp3]
09 Forking Out [mp3]
10 Concorde 512 [mp3]
11 Sōnen [mp3]
12 I'm Gonna Say [mp3]
13 Sea Beams [mp3]
14 Sun Salutation 1 [mp3]
15 Sun Salutation 2 [mp3]
16 Sun Salutation 3 [mp3]
17 Sun Salutation 4 [mp3]
18 Sun Salutation 5 [mp3]
19 Wink [mp3]