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Floating Worlds

Primaudial Records is proud to present a collection of 14 new tracks from Ayota on an album entitled 'Floating worlds'. The sound is more minimal than the previous 'Helicopter Cuts' LP, with piano led improvisations and vocal melodies. Three of the songs feature the sensual vocal talents of Chihiro Butterfly from Sendai Japan, while Shawn Lee rejoins the project with some guitar experimentation recorded in his famous Trans-Yank studio. Original Ayota vocalist Sachie Kaga also lends her sublime vocals to two songs. Some of the field recordings that inspired these tracks include rain, kettles, checkout tills and train stations. "Like a gourd floating along with the river current, this is what we call the floating world."

Primaudial Records
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Floating Worlds
Price: £7.50
Monday, September 7, 2015
01 Haysha Melodies [mp3]
02 Oramic [mp3]
03 Peacocks [mp3]
04 Aerial [mp3]
05 Yakan [mp3]
06 Graphene [mp3]
07 Reakt [mp3]
08 Ame [mp3]
09 Saifu [mp3]
10 Haru Wa Akebono [mp3]
11 Checkouts [mp3]
12 Little Taiko [mp3]
13 Golden Memories [mp3]
14 The Way Home [mp3]