Nick Luscombe's Japan Spring feat. Ayota

In 2020 during lockdown in the UK, I composed some ambient music for a project commissioned by my good friend Nick Luscombe. He subsequently used the music to create a sound collage of field recordings made around Japan which was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 2nd May 2021
You can listen back to the show here:
And the audio is available below as well.

Here is a description:

Tokyo based DJ, producer and broadcaster Nick Luscombe explores the sound of spring in suburban Tokyo through field recordings and music.

This soundscape is inspired by Nick’s work with the Tokyo University Otocare project. Oto is the Japanese word meaning sound and the research project works with hospitals and other high-stress environments to bring sounds of nature and specially composed music to positively impact lives.

Kids energetically playing baseball, the chanting of monks and the prayers of local people, rain falling during a thunderstorm and the arrival of the cherry blossom and the accompanying spring birdsong are just some of the many elements on this intoxicating Japanese audio adventure - all linked with its very own specially commissioned musical score by ambient musician Ski Oakenfull.

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