Electronic Music Composition (EMC) Course

I'm currently developing a brand new course for Point Blank Online Music College. Please take a look at the Promo Video below and also visit the brochure page for detailed info.

Meanwhile here is the blurb....

When producing a track, we've all experienced that point when you can't get any further and need some extra inspiration. Electronic Music Composition (EMC) will help you overcome this obstacle by showing you how to develop the musical aspects of your tracks in an easy to understand way without getting bogged down in scales and theory.

You'll learn how to add hooks, riffs, chords, basslines, melodies, develop your arrangements and work with vocals whilst keeping everything in key so it 'sounds right'.Also, importantly, how to finish your tracks!

We analyze and demonstrate how classic and cutting edge tunes are put together musically to clearly show you the techniques they use so you can implement them in your own tracks. You'll find EMC both engaging and inspiring, just what making music should be.

It's developed by virtuoso keyboardist Ski Oakenfull (solo artist signed to Sony and remixer/producer/writer/player for artists including Incognito, Joey Negro and The Bays). The course contains new presentation techniques that enable you to see exactly what's being played on the keys and what's happening in the software/DAW. This course is compatible with both Ableton Live AND Logic.

You will be able to use these ideas and techniques in your own productions to get that musical buzz you're missing.

Check out the preview and see you in class!