Ayota Live at Corsica Studios

Ayota Live at Corsica Studios

This is a gig I did at Corsica Studios on Saturday 9th February 2013 for Guy McCreery's Third Ear Label, who released the Ayota album 'Helicopter Cuts' the day before.

It was the first time to perform Ayota solo, as usually I get Simon Palm Skin, Jeremy Shaw, Shawn Lee and a vocalist to help me out.

My setup consisted of Laptop using Ableton Live, Novation Launchpad and a Korg NanoKontrol2.

I performed a selection of Ayota original tracks & remixes.. I will try to post a tracklisting soon!

There is a hilarious bit in the middle when a guy came up to me and asked if I took requests.. and then asked if he could plug his iPod in instead of listening to my set. I told him to go next door to where the techno was...

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And this is me rehearsing the set..
Part 1
Part 2

9 February, 2013
Ayota Live at Corsica Studios