Last year Nick Luscombe commissioned me to write some music with Midori Komachi for a Maggie's cancer charity photo… day 14 hours ago
within 2 mins of installing this I had a track on the go Roland JX-3P day 14 hours ago
Great lunch today at @boccadilupo followed by badtimesattheelroyalebr followed by new leather jacket at… day 16 hours ago
Ayota 'Hidamari' at a recent @LushLtd International conference. Props to Simon Palmskin Richmond for selecting the… days 13 hours ago
RT @ninjatune: #TBT @SQUAREPUSHER playing at Ninja Tune club night Stealth, The Blue Note, 1996 - A young @TheRealBenjiB, @AphexTwin and Ni… — 4 days 14 hours ago
Love #Saturdays and very much enjoyed visiting the new #Japanese #french fusion restaurant lapetitepoissonnerie in… days 16 hours ago
RT @KirkDegiorgio: With online streaming content using varying standards - understanding and metering Loudness is more important than ever.… — 1 week 17 hours ago
RT @AdamBuxton: ADAM BUXTON PODCAST EP.79 features a conversation with American humorist David Sedaris. Find it on @acast, @ApplePodcasts,… — 1 week 17 hours ago
“A guide to survival in the music industry” - a fantastic event happening tonight at @Point_Blank for worldmentalhe… week 2 days ago
RT @imscollege: Recorded live at IMS College in Malta, Head of Curriculum at Point Blank Music school, Ski Oakenfull, breaks down Calvin Ha… — 1 week 3 days ago
A bit over the top on retro video aesthetic, but great to see Ryuichi Sakamoto 坂本龍一 playing this (very expensive) n… week 3 days ago
RT @sonarplusd: Deconstructing a track: @SkiOakenfull breaks down DJ Shadow's 'Mutual Slump' at Sonar +D 2017 #sonarDfiles… — 1 week 4 days ago
An old remix - Akai S3000 / Roland SH101 / Mackie Desk / Roland Space Echo weeks 12 hours ago
Top @Point_Blank module leader @paulressel showed off his @behringer #modeld in the office today . Definitely on my… weeks 15 hours ago
RT @BBC6Music: A favourite of Quincy Jones and boasting a guest spot from pal @Thundercat among others, our Album Of The Day is Time, @Loui… — 2 weeks 1 day ago
RT @CalvinHarris: Every producer should make an entire album made of sounds on an Akai s3000 triggered by an Amiga 1200 with one Zoom outbo… — 2 weeks 1 day ago
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Here's my deconstruction of @CalvinHarris & @DUALIPA's deep house influenced smash hit 'One Kiss' performed live at… weeks 1 day ago
RT @hosonoharuomi_: An Interview With Haruomi Hosono, The Brian Wilson Of Japan @vinylmepleaseさんから2 weeks 2 days ago