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RT @alijamieson: since it's Pris' inception date I thought I'd share my deconstruction of Vangelis' legendary Blade Runner soundtrack https… — 2 weeks 5 days ago
@alijamieson Brilliant!! — 2 weeks 5 days ago
Thank you louiscolemusic for being such an exciting artist in 2018. Your gigs at @KansasSmittys and the… weeks 5 days ago
My first #sonywalkman #walkmanf1 which sounded amazing and made long car journeys something to look forward to as a… weeks 19 hours ago
RT @Point_Blank: The best bits from one of our most popular series - these are the Top 3 Deconstructions of 2018 from @skioakenfull. https:… — 3 weeks 1 day ago
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Just watched the very enjoyable #brosafterthescreamingstops doc with great soundtrack from @IanArber and… weeks 2 days ago
Trying to do charity shop / #recycling #christmaspresents this year, and this was a top one! #thebeatlescomplete or… weeks 3 days ago
#boxingday stroll around my hometown of #hildenborough this morning. #verygrey @ Hildenborough weeks 4 days ago
RT @AdamBuxton: ADAM & JOE CHRISTMAS PODCAST is available from @acast, @Spotify, @ApplePodcasts etc. and downloadable as an MP3 here: https… — 3 weeks 5 days ago
NUMBER 2: This is one of my first ever videos from Feb 2012 where I was inspired to recreate the synth riff from a… weeks 6 days ago
Is a major part of being a successful composer or producer being a good editor? — 3 weeks 6 days ago
Damn you @UAudio every Christmas giving me financial dilemmas with your plugin deals weeks 6 hours ago
NUMBER 3: Q: What do you get when you combine @IAmKRSOne, @tearsforfears, @herbiehancock and the @beastieboys ? A:… weeks 9 hours ago
@nit_nurse Likewise I’ve already put your present in my present drawer — 4 weeks 1 day ago
RT @nit_nurse: Really on top of things this year. I’ve already taken all my Christmas decorations down — 4 weeks 1 day ago
NUMBER 4: Here’s another one from the #AcademyofElectronicMusic live broadcast sessions back in Oct 2013, where dec… weeks 1 day ago
Very early morning #iceskating at somersethouse on the shortest day of the year @ Skate at Somerset House weeks 1 day ago