Disclosure - Latch Deconstruction in Ableton Live

Ski Oakenfull
February, 2015
Disclosure - Latch Deconstruction in Ableton Live

Here's a live deconstruction I did of this amazing track by Disclosure. It was probably the hardest one I've done as it has a triplet beat and the chords are so complex, but it was fun nevertheless!

I made one mistake in the heat of the moment which was putting double the amount of the glitchy crackles in the beat.. they should have been just once in every bar.

Anyway, you can download the Ableton project here :: http://ow.ly/JFNeh so you can check out all the parts I programmed - You'll need to register with Point Blank to download all their free content If you haven't already.

I'm also providing the arpeggio and chord screenshots to download below. Have fun!!

LatchPics.zip566.73 KB