Ableton Tutorial - Creating the Julio Bashmore Bass Sound

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Artist Name: 
Ski Oakenfull
Video Date: 
January, 2012
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This is a tutorial video demonstrating how I achieved the bass sound used in Julio Bashmore's 'Battle For Middle You' using Analog in Ableton Live.
You can download a free instrument rack of this sound by going to the 'Free Sounds' section of this site.
It will appear very soon as part of the Online DJ Mag Tech section. I will post a link as soon as it is published.
But for now, here is the video and accompanying text.

Creating a Deep Bass Sound using Analog

Julio Bashmore’s ‘Battle For Middle You’ was perhaps one of the most defining tracks of 2011. It managed to not only attain the enviable position of crossing over to a wide range of DJs, but also be at the forefront of last year’s Bass Music revolution.
One of the key ingredients to the sound of ‘Bass Music’ is of course the Bass, and this is certainly evident on Bashmore’s track. The sound is very similar to the Sine wave based analogue Kick Drum of a Roland TR808 Drum Machine, with a sharp bite to the attack, and long release. The main difference however is how defined the pitch is, making it more like an analogue bass patch from a synthesizer.
So in this tutorial I have set about trying to recreate this classic sound using Ableton Live. Although the ‘Operator’ might seem like a natural choice with it’s Sine wave FM style synthesis, I have used the ‘Analog’ instrument as it has a warmer, more authentic sound with its Oscillators and Filters.
I used two Oscillators, the first of which I set to a Sine wave to create the main characteristic of the deep, subby tone. For the second one I chose a Sawtooth to add some body, and give the sound some definition across a wider pitch range. To create the sharp attack, I used a very tight Pitch Envelope on the first Oscillator combined with some Filtering with added Resonance to help beef up the sound.
I made sure that the Amp Envelope on both Oscillators had a fast attack and also fairly long release to let the sound sustain. To accentuate this I added a little Compression, which seems to fatten the overall sound and even it out when played at varying pitch.
Finally I added a touch of EQ, boosting the frequency around 150Hz, although this is more of a mixing thing and should take account of the other elements you have in your tune like your Kick Drum.
So from Dubstep to Deep House to Drum & Bass, I think this provides a really useable sound for all the variants of Bass music. I hope you enjoy the tutorial!