Just watched it.. fantastic as ever. They inspired me to do my Twitch streams last year. I’m also happy I got the k… week 6 days ago
RT : Yet, back 2 some 4 on the floor via an all time favorite of mine: Mr. Fingers’ “Children At Play”… week 6 days ago
RT : 【遂にアーカイヴ公開!拡散希望!スクショ大歓迎】 2021「小山田圭吾氏と出来事の真相」→2022「DJPlays CORNELIUS ONLY」15時間と長くYoutubeが未だ後半1/3未定着ですがアーカイヴ公… weeks 7 hours ago
It’s weird that the bassline was swapped around for the 2018 performance of .. sounded so wrong — 2 weeks 1 day ago
Part 1/6 - Setting up Watch here 👉 This brand new tutorial video cover… weeks 3 days ago
Here's a 6-part tutorial video series I made for about how to get started with weeks 4 days ago
Amazing article on Japan with interview from Richard Barbieri 2 weeks 4 days ago
I totally relate to this!! I suppose it highlights the importance of getting some headspace to get in… weeks 5 days ago
Yes, me too.. I am immersing myself in music and film, forgetting about reality 😍 — 2 weeks 5 days ago
RT : It is here. Rafe Hubris on weeks 6 days ago
My favourite from … with wine, on a Monday, cos it’s nearly Christmas weeks 6 days ago
What a cheery photo 😷 — 3 weeks 6 days ago
RT : HOW MANY SHOTS WILL WE NEED TO GET? weeks 20 hours ago
RT : IT'S FRIDAY! month 7 hours ago
Ooh, so intriguing seeing your computer applications. Would love it if you would be up for doing a… month 1 day ago
Tonight’s work was postponed, but I’m still celebrating I took tomorrow off work (in my favourite p… month 1 day ago
RT : 5 of the best free music theory resources for producers month 1 day ago
Tweet of the year 🤩 month 1 day ago
I'm very honoured and grateful to be featured in the latest December edition of the newsletter. Th… month 1 day ago
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