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Life Changes

'Life Changes' was Ski's first solo album released in 2000 by Columbia France and then later by the lesser known NGenda in the UK. ....a refreshingly eclectic take on house, disco, soul and jazz funk, showcasing Ski's myriad influences and musical styles. It moves from the steady frug of debut single 'Fifths' through the lithe disco soul of 'Soul Vibration' (featuring Earl Zinger) and spatial grooves of 'Seratonin' to the hi-energy tinged 'Where Did The Love Go' (featuring Fire Island vocalist Marc Antony). Add the acidic beat poetry of 'Drop it', the US deep house of 'Undercover', the French-English sonic lament of 'On My Way' (featuring Mauritian chanteuse Nina Madhoo), together with the ambient jazz of 'Life Changes' (featuring Rose Smith)

Ski Oakenfull
Catalogue Nº: 
ESCA 8223
Life Changes
Price: £8.00
Saturday, July 1, 2000
01 Fifths [mp3]
02 Running Thru My Mind [mp3]
03 Where Did The Love Go? [mp3]
04 Serotonin [mp3]
05 Undercover [mp3]
06 Life Changes [mp3]
07 Come With Me [mp3]
08 Keep On Moving [mp3]
09 Soul Vibration [mp3]
10 Drop It [mp3]
11 On My Way [mp3]
12 Take Off [mp3]
13 Fifths (Jazzanova Mix) [mp3]