Demo track for the launch party of 'Madplayer' @ Ministry of Sound May 2002

Of all the bizarre things I've done in the last 20 years of my musical career, this was one of strangest.. I was asked to 'demonstrate' a brand new gadget called the 'Madplayer' that was half mp3 player, half garage a box. It allowed you to combine beats, bass lines, chords, melodies etc on the fly. Some of the sounds were actually quite good, but the product quickly died a death with the emerging popularity of iPods.
Earl Zinger was initially asked to do the demo, but he politely turned it down and asked me to take on the task, which I reluctantly agreed to. It involved writing a piece of music entirely on the device, and then 'performing' it in front of about 100 people at a special launch party at the Ministry of Sound in May 2002. Even though the 'Madplayer' had a built in sequencer, I cheated a bit by recording loops from it into Logic, and then arranging a track which I ended up playing from a CD. I also added a few of my own sounds, most notably a Roland SH-101 bass line.
Anyway, I'd completely forgotten about the track, and stumbled across the CD this evening, so I thought I'd upload it to Soundcloud. It features Rose Smith on vocals, who sung on my 'Life Changes' LP.
You can read more about the doomed gadget here:
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