NUMBER 5: Here's one of my very first tutorial videos from Jan 2012 which showcases @Ableton's 'Looper' device.… weeks 2 days ago
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You can download the #JulioBashmore @Ableton Analog 808 bass sound here: #XmasSkitorials20184 weeks 6 days ago
NUMBER 9: Back in 2012 #JulioBashmore's tune 'Battle for Middle You' was a dancefloor smash, so I was inspired to r… weeks 6 days ago
RT @NickMotown: Nice offer on Amazon - if you buy all Adam & The Ants sheet music, they'll throw in a stand and deliver. — 4 weeks 6 days ago
@masatokakinoki Congratulations!!! — 5 weeks 8 hours ago
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#christmasjumperday shout out to #rogerhargreaves #littlemisschristmas @ Point Blank Music School weeks 2 days ago
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I'll be deconstructing @Drake at tomorrow's @Point_Blank #openday 1pm - might even do a remix weeks 5 days ago